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Wickerman has been and gone for another year, so it’s time to reflect on one of Scotland’s great festivals.


It's strange to think that you are two years old already - and I'm glad to say that you haven't grown too much.Although I do suspect that you may be a few years older than we think.... It feels like yesterday that we were sitting in the doctor's office and he told us about you. We were taken aback, but not really surprised as all the signs were there. Learning about you and getting to know this weird and annoying little sidekick has been an interesting journey and one that I wouldn't change.

Ok, on June 15 i'll never be throwing you a party or celebrating your existence, but being diagnosed with you (multiple sclerosis) was never the end of the world, but the start of a personal focus to raise awareness and help others with this incurable and sometimes cruel disease. At the start not many people knew about you and I was understandably private about it all - but then I realised that so many people needed to learn about you. I wasn't about to let you affect me any more than you already had, so now it was time to let people know that I had MS and no I wasn't dying, yes it was incurable, no it's not the same as ME and no I wasn't scared. Really, I wasn't scared of you then, and two years on I remain the same. I have to say I am rather proud of myself for dealing with your dramatic entry into my life at the worst possible time (buying house and getting married!) But I dealt with it, knew that positivity would get me through, aswell as the support of friends and family. 

You've had your moments that's for sure: randomly taking away the feeling in my feet, giving me a fuzzy eye and dropping tiredness the weight of the world on to me. None of which have been a barrel of laughs, but thanks to medication, you can't be half as bad behaved as you would like to be.

And despite what people may assume, I don't think about you every day, and you don't determine what I can or can't do. However, I chose to speak out because so many people remain in limbo over an MS diagnosis and some GPs are missing vital signs of MS in patients. More support and literature made available to patients at diagnosis is also a must. 

On the second anniversary of my MS diagnosis i want to use my story to help others and hope that sharing can raise more awareness. 

Happy Birthday MS!





WELL, CC Says has been gathering dust after a pretty busy year for me - since it is now a new year, lets bring you some more lovely beauty/lifestyle news and let you know what I have been up to. 


Just one day before the start of the new series of Geordie Shore, the programme's lovebirds Vicky Pattison and Ricci Guarnaccio talk to CC Says about their wedding plans, the show and even give me some tips for my big day!


Client label owner, Kate Holmes shares her fashion tips with CC Says and picks out her favourites from Client’s ultra chic collection.


Fake Bake CEO Sandra McClumpha talks tanning and gives tips for success


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